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  • Aluminium Single and French Doors Worcestershire

    Aluminium Single and Double Doors Specialist, Worcestershire

    Aluminium residential doors from Choices Windows and Doors Online are available in a wide range of formats, suitable for both light and medium-duty use

    aluminium french doors worcester

    Sleek design and low maintenance

    Tailor made to your exacting requirements, all our aluminium single and french doors are double glazed and low maintenance.Safe, secure and stylish, Aluminium Residential Doors are tailor made to be versatile for a front or back door, designed to fit seamlessly with your property.

    The Aluk Optio '58BD Entrance'

    Introducing our standard aluminium door range

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    Optio Spec 1
    Optio Spec 2

    Design Features

    • Single or Double doors
    • Open in or out
    • Multipoint locking mechanism
    • Designed to incorporate standard and high security hardware using the same prep detail
    • Cloaking feature conceals lock and prevents any access to locking points
    • Glazing 28mm
    • Low threshold for Part M available
    • ‘U’ value 1.8Wm2K


    (Extended Lead Time)

    • Glazing to 36mm
    • 58mm or 70mm frame depth to accommodate varying types of application
    • Low threshold option for Part M
    • A range of single or dual colour
    • PAS 24 / Doc Q / SBD
    • HI Profiles - 1.4 ‘U’ Value double glazed, 1.1 ‘U’ value tripled glazed with Low E Plus glass

    Colour Range for Fast Delivery

    smooth white windows and doors worcester
    White RAL 9910hg
    smooth white windows and doors worcester
    Anthracite Grey RAL 7016m
    smooth white windows and doors worcester
    Anthracite Grey / White

    'Open Out' is fast delivery. Anthracite Grey/White 'Open In' is extended lead time.

    Available in any Single or Dual RAL Colour

    (Extended Lead Time)

    The 'Choices' range of Aluminium Windows and Doors are available in any RAL colour to suit all requirements.

    coloured aluminium windows worcester

    Smart Alitherm 47 Heritage Doors

    Introducing our heritage aluminium door range

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    Immerse yourself in a realm of timeless elegance through Choices Windows and Doors Online's' Smart Aluminium Heritage Doors. Meticulously crafted as the quintessential solution for heritage applications, these doors harmoniously blend the essence of tradition with cutting-edge innovation.

    Appreciate the exquisite beauty of ultra-slim sightlines, adding a touch of sophistication to your spaces. Prioritizing your peace of mind, we ensure high-security locking features to safeguard your cherished environments.

    Unleash your unique style by choosing from a diverse range of single and dual-color options, allowing you to customize the doors according to your vision. Experience the future of thermal efficiency with our state-of-the-art polyamide thermal break technology, establishing a robust barrier against the elements.

    At Choices Windows and Doors Online, we go beyond providing mere doors; we deliver a seamless fusion of heritage aesthetics and modern functionality. Elevate your spaces with the distinctive charm of Smart Alitherm 47 Heritage Doors, where tradition gracefully meets innovation.

    The perfect alternative to steel

    Upgrade to a contemporary, like-for-like replacement for steel doors that seamlessly combines timeless elegance with exceptional thermal performance, earning a coveted ‘B’ Energy Rating.

    The slim, thermally-broken profiles come in various styles, providing a perfect blend of classic aesthetics and cutting-edge technology for your spaces

    Design Features

    • Slimline profile
    • PAS24 – 2016 Compliant
    • Document L Compliant
    • High security locking
    • 1.5W/M²K (Using 1.0W/M²K Glass Unit)
    • Single or double doors
    • Tape or gasket glazed
    • Multi point locking and face mounted shoot bolts
    • Polyamide thermal break provides enhanced thermal performance
    • Single or dual colour

    Recommended Design Limits

    • Glazing: 24-32mm
    • Typical Sightline: 59mm
    • Frame Depth: 47mm
    • Max Sash Width: 900mm
    • Max Sash Height: 2100mm
    • Single Door Max Sash Width: 900mm
    • Single Door Max Sash Height: 2100mm
    • Double Door Max Sash Width: 900mm
    • Double Door Max Sash Height: 2100mm

    Available in any Single or Dual RAL Colour

    The 'Choices' range of Aluminium Windows and Doors are available in any RAL colour to suit all requirements.

    coloured aluminium windows worcester

    Looking for Commercial Aluminium Doors?

    Choices Windows and Doors Online can provide a wide range of Aluminium doors that perfectly match your building’s windows and walls.

    Whether you have a shop, office, pub or restaurant, your entrance door will likely be exposed to high foot traffic. It is therefore vital to have a door that withstands constant use, and Aluminium is the perfect solution.

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    Design Features

    • Anti-finger trap styles
    • Unique security and safety features
    • DDA compliant overhead closer option
    • Single or Double doors
    • Swing, open in or open out options
    • Single or dual colours
    • High security mechanical deadlock
    • Electronic and manual access systems
    • Thermally broken or non thermally broken options
    • High Security option
    Commercial Doors

    Want to find out more? Request a Callback from Choices Windows and Doors Online at a time that suits you.